Do you want to experience a safe, natural home birth that is sacred and magical (without unnecessary pain)?



Would you like access to the tools and techniques that will help you master your mind and body to have a beautiful, medication-free home birth?


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Mama, is this you right now?

  • You’re either pregnant for the first time and leaning towards a home birth
  • Or you’ve given birth in a hospital before and had a traumatic experience, and want  your baby to be born at home.
  • Or you’re deeply aware of societal trauma around hospital births, and you're ready to opt out of that system.

You know it’s what you want to do for you and your baby, but you have some fears and concerns about how you can make it completely safe and know for certain that you’re doing the right thing.



Maybe you’ve had...

  • Your mother or mother-in-law tell you that it's irresponsible to give birth at home
  • Your partner tell you a hospital birth is safer
  • Friends tell you horror stories of them trying to give birth at home and it ‘not working’
  • Midwives advising you to follow the normal protocol that most women do and give birth in a hospital, with doctors and a C-section or an epidural.
  • Your own fears around whether you’re being irresponsible and jeopardising your baby by wanting to do this at home. 

But despite all this, you still crave being able to have a completely natural home birth with zero medical intervention and total trust in yourself that you can do it. 



"Chrissi was amazing... she put me on the right path for everything. She gave me techniques to use whilst pregnant and whilst in labour.  It changed the whole experience for me and my whole family.  I gave birth in half an hour and pain free and I am absolutely indebted to Chrissi for that."

Jane Brennan
Mama of 2




"I was too scared to even get pregnant again after my first birth in hospital where I was treated like a piece of meat and my baby was removed from me so I missed out on all the bonding.

Chrissi inspired me to have another baby after hearing how different a home birth could be.  When I found out I was pregnant again, my family were so against the idea of home birth but Chrissi gave me the confidence to trust my instincts.

My son was born at home with just my partner there.  It was like giving birth for the first time.  It was so magical and felt so different because I could truly bond with my baby."

Ana Serrano
Mama of 2

"I wanted to have my first son, Toby at home but my husband and my parents pressured me into a hospital birth because they were worried about something going wrong. 

After working with Chrissi I knew I could do it for my second birth. Casey was born so serenely with Toby and my husband right there.  It was such a beautiful and effortless experience and I will be forever grateful that I did it."

Ria Logan
Mama of 2

If you’d love to have some clarity on:

  • How do I ensure my baby and I are safe?
  • How do I prepare my body to give birth 100% naturally?
  • How do I make sure my mindset is right to be completely calm and in control during the whole process?
  • How do I push back to my family, my partner, my friends and reject society’s standard way of giving birth in a hospital?

Then I can help. I support women just like you in mastering your mind and body to be able to safely deliver your baby at home without the need for any medical intervention. 

I give you the right guidance, tools & techniques to overcome your deep-seated mental fears around home births so that you can become confident in yourself that you can do this, and fully trust and surrender to nature. 


Meet Your Natural Birth Alchemy Coach

Hello I’m Chrissi,

I’ve had 6 kids and 5 home births. When I was pregnant with my first baby I was delighted but also terrified from being conditioned to believe that childbirth would be a painful, awful ordeal.

I had never considered that bliss-filled natural birth was even remotely possible. I thought it was barbaric and torturous. 

I worked with a birth-keeper who prized open my mind to the idea that natural childbirth was, well, completely natural. I learnt that the risk of complications is virtually zero with a home birth because you’re far more relaxed in your own environment and exposed to fewer pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and other nasties).

Plus it’s far less invasive without coercive protocols and forceful intervention. A natural vaginal birth triggers so many innate processes that are essential to both mama’s and baby’s long-term health  - it also helps avoid postnatal depression

But despite knowing all this, I was still riddled with fear, even though I now knew a natural birth was the “right” thing to do for both me and my baby.. I’d spent my career working in hospitals, predominantly with surgeons and saw firsthand hundreds of surgeries to correct damaged pelvic floors after ‘managed’ vaginal births due to epidurals and unnatural amounts of forced pushing.

However, after extensive research and support I gave birth to my baby boy completely naturally and experienced a stunning rite of passage. Not only was I able to do it without drugs or interventions, but I absolutely loved it!

I reached a state of ecstasy, bliss, and enlightenment that I didn’t even know was possible. I couldn’t wait to do it again. So I did. Five more times.


I want you to experience this euphoric rite of passage too, mama

Ever since I had the unexpected insight of how truly ecstatic birth can really be, it’s been my life’s mission to help birthing mamas and their babies avoid trauma at all costs. 

I discovered something magical within me - that we ALL have, and I want to help you tap into that innate power too.

I fervently believe that every woman deserves to experience the true wonder of this miraculous, life-changing event.


If you want to have a birth that:

  • Is non-medicative, intervention-free and 100% natural.
  • Avoids postnatal depression
  • Reduces risk of infection & complications by up to 99.2%
  • Provides a fast recovery post-birth (hours, not weeks)
  • Creates an immediate, strong bond with your baby (birth-trauma and medicated births severely inhibit or even break the bond with your baby)

Then I invite you to book a free call with me below to find out more.



Antonia Lacey

Mama of 3

"Even though I was fearful of ‘going against the medical profession’, I felt empowered to trust my own instincts.
My birth experience was the easiest so far… you realise all along that it was the interference from the medical profession that led to all of those complications. And that if you’d just been left and if you just trusted your own body that can you actually birth as we are supposed to."

Sirine Ghadban

Mama of 2

"I would highly recommend working with Chrissi…

I was totally afraid.. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it but since the beginning, she [Chrissi] was supporting me and she was giving me this mental support and empowerment… when the moment came I gave birth…I felt so euphoric, I felt so much ecstasy… I felt like the most powerful and beautiful woman on earth."

Sandra Ruiz-Santaquiteria

Mama of 2

"I was all alone [in labour] while my husband was snoring right next to me and I was listening to Chrissi’s audios and telling myself “Yes, yes, yes, I can do this.”

I want to thank my friend, Chrissi for the gift she gave me because now I feel like the most powerful woman in the world."


I’ll see you on the call.

Where we’ll uncover your biggest fears and give you a personalised plan of action to have a completely safe, home birth.

It will change everything for you.