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I comprehend that due to the digital nature of the product, and because instant access is granted as soon as the courses or memberships are activated, no refunds are offered.


Module 1 Access Only

Get the first module of this interactive, fully-mentored course that teaches you everything you need to know to feel secure, empowered, knowledgable, and YES excited about natural childbirth.

What you'll get (you can add the remaining modules any time):

 Access to the first of 6 x 1 Hour ‘Birth Alchemy’ Sessions with me to work through your concerns, doubts, questions, and be witnessed in your power as the divine birthing goddess you really are. Think of me as your very own personal cheerleader, protector, and anchor to guide you through this journey with ease and grace. (6 total)

 Module 1's short + convenient video teachings to give you the knowledge, confidence, and power you need to know that not only can you do this, you are going to rock it (and frikkin’ love it)!

 The first of my weekly guided meditations to get you in the zone of surrender, trust, and faith so that childbirth flows naturally and intuitively

 Sacred Birthing Rights at-home rituals to gear you up for the ceremony of a lifetime: your baby’s birth (and also your birth into motherhood)

 The first of my own personal birthing stories so you can learn from me rather than the hard way (yes, one for each of the six phases!)

What People Are Saying:

I would highly recommend working with Chrissi…
 I was totally afraid.. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it but since the beginning, she [Chrissi] was supporting me and she was giving me this mental support and empowerment… when the moment came I gave birth…I felt so euphoric, I felt so much ecstasy… I felt like the most powerful and beautiful woman on earth.

Sirine Ghadban,
Mama of 2

Chrissi was amazing... she put me on the right path for everything. She gave me techniques to use whilst pregnant and whilst in labour. It changed the whole experience for me and my whole family. I gave birth in half an hour and pain free and I am absolutely indebted to Chrissi for that.

Jane Brennan, Mama of 2